The New Standard in Employee Wellbeing

Build corporate wellbeing culture just like Google, without a team of hundreds

Meet Twic's Wellbeing Intelligence

Employees are your most important asset. Twic’s Wellness Intelligence technology helps you meet the business objectives, from reducing health care cost to improving employee retention.

Employee Communication

All-in-one wellness information hub for each happy employee.

Vendor Management

Best-in-class vendors with the best rates on the market.

Data Analytics

Optimize business objectives and budgeting through data

Streamline Employee Communication

Mobile application that organizes all wellness related information in one hub and promotes community culture.

Employee-side mobile app is connected to the admin panel and serves as the unified portal to access programs and resources. From raising awareness to running feedback surveys, you now have access to a streamlined communication tool.

End-to-end Vendor Management

Hand-picked vendors with transparent records tracking their success help you meet your goals.

Work directly with vendors from different categories and monitor performance in real time. From defining wellbeing strategy to operational reviews, assess vendor performance from a holistic view to deliver real value to the workforce.

Power of Data Insights

Automation and analytics tools help you align program design with business objectives.

No more quarterly or yearly reviews; instead, get real-time data insights on awareness, engagement, and satisfaction. From healthcare cost reduction to improved employee retention, define your business objectives and we'll help you get there.